Add support for VSCode
Idea shared by Johan Visser - 12/8/2020 at 2:49 AM
Please add support for VSCode.

VSCode is rapidly becoming an even more popular IDE than Visual Studio.
I use it a lot. On my laptop it is the only IDE that I have installed.
The only thing missing is GhostDoc

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Serge B. Replied
Employee Post
Hi Johan,

We have looked into the VSCode support since the VSCode was introduced.

VSCode is a multiplatform tool and we found no reasonable way of porting GhostDoc short of almost complete rewrite.

Provided that the majority of GhostDoc users are on the free Community Edition, our chances of recovering on that major investment are very slim.

So, no GhostDoc for VSCode at this point unless there is a magic way to port that we have missed.

Serge Baranovsky
SubMain Software
(800) 936-2134

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