GhostDoc Enterprise not linking between projects in the same solution
Question asked by Karla Griffin - 8/14/2019 at 1:33 PM
I have a single solution that contains multiple projects. 

I built the help with the VS IntelliSense file option selected. 

The following two CS files are in different projects at the same level in the solution:
  • Accelerators.HelpFiles.sln
    • Accelerators.AuthenticationService.Controllers.AuthenticationHistoryController.cs
    • Accelerators.Common.Pagination.PaginationSettings.cs
In this file:

This line does not result in a link in the final output:
/// A <see cref="Accelerators.Common.Pagination.PaginationSettings"/> value determining which records to retrieve.

The output looks like this:

However, it does show up in the IntelliSense list:

And the display indicates that the full path is optional:

I understand that linking outside the solution won't work, but it seems like this should work, especially since IntelliSense sees the target file, and the full path options are not required.

Is this the expected behavior, or is there something wrong with my link?

Alternatively, is there a way to change the path within the cref link like in HTML? 
For example: 
<a href="../../newpages/XYZ/mypage.html">Text</a>
If I create an HREF link with the IP address and full URL, it does create a link and opens the correct location. 

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Misha Zhutov Replied
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Hi Karla, 

I replied you in our support thread and provided you with sample project.

Karla Griffin Replied
Update: Misha was not able to reproduce the error. 

However, it's working now.
  1. My solution also includes "conceptual files" per SubMain/GhostDoc instructions.
  2. I opened the original solution (Accelerators.sln) which does not contain the conceptual files.
  3. That solution generated the links just fine.
  4. Then I opened the solution that does contain the conceptual files (Accelerators.HelpFiles.sln).
  5. I cleared the project name that includes the conceptual files (Accelerators.HelpFiles) check box in the Build Help Documentation dialog.
  6. I generated the help (Website, but the links were previously broken in CHM as well).
  7. Now the links are generating as expected.
  8. I regenerated the help with the conceptual files project included.
  9. The links are still generating as expected. 

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