"Document file" with inherited class and "<seealso ... />"
Problem reported by dnd82077 - 8/16/2019 at 5:41 AM
There are two problems here:

If the automatically generated comment for "<seealso ... />" is not required/wanted and is therefore deleted, the entry is created again with "Document file". There are cases where the comment for "<seealso ... />" is misleading, and therefore it should not exist.

The other problem is, if the namespace of a class was imported, a warning will be output for the generated type name in the comment for "<seealso ... />": "Name can be simplified."
If the name is shortened now, another (!) entry is created for "<seealso ... />" at the next execution of "Document file".

In addition, the comment for "<summary>" is changed, which should not be!
Here is added (several times!): "Implements the ..."  

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Misha Zhutov Replied
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We found how to fix the issue. Please email us to support@submain.com and we will provide you with updated Class template.

dnd82077 Replied
Thank you so much!
It now works as expected.

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