Additional language dictionaries for GhostDoc SpellChecker

GhostDoc Spell Checker uses dictionaries in OpenOffice format and out of the box includes the following languages:
  • English (United States) - en_US
  • English (Great Britain) - en_GB
  • English (Canada) - en_CA
  • English (Australia) - en_AU
  • Spanish (Spain) - es_ES
  • Spanish (Mexico) - es_MX
  • French (France) - fr_FR
Dictionaries we ship with GhostDoc are those that have EULA allowing us to redistribute them.

There are plenty of other language dictionaries (literally a 100+ at the time of this post) are available for download at which you as the end user can use but we cannot package them with GhostDoc due to the redistribution restrictions for many of the dictionaries.

Once you download the spelling dictionary you need from OpenOffice wiki page save them into <GhostDoc Pro installation directory>\Dic folder and set the dictionary of your choice in Tools -> GhostDoc Pro -> Options -> Spell Checker

You are all set!