What's New in CodeIt.Right v2.7

What's new in v2.7

  • Support for VS2013 Update 3
  • Improved compatibility with Shared/Universal App projects
  • Exported Violation Report enhancements
  • Other improvements and fixes

Detailed changes by build:

  • Build 2.7.14268 (Sep 25, 2014) - v2.7 Release
    • Added: VS2013 Update 3 support
    • Added: Exported Violation Report now includes profile name, severity threshold, version of CodeIt.Right and duration of the analysis
    • Added: Exported Violation Report now includes information about Excluded Projects, Files, Rules and Violations
    • Added: When auto-correction fails, CodeIt.Right shows a Growl notification with the reason refactoring could not be completed
    • Added: Command line version console output shows profile name as well as number of excluded projects, files, rules and violations
    • Changed: Exported Violation Report version changed from "1.0" to "2.0"
    • Fixed: Issues with Shared/Universal App projects
    • Fixed: Issue with Visual Studio hanging up when loading C++ project in VS2013 Update 3
    • Fixed: Issue displaying description in Violation Details of the Instant Code Review
    • Fixed: Issue with resolving references in command line version
    • Fixed: Issue with command line version not ignoring some of excluded violations
    • Fixed: Other fixes

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