Troubleshooting VSIX installation issues

Applies to 
  • GhostDoc v5.5 or newer
  • CodeIt.Right v3.1 or newer


  • When installing VSIX in VS2017 receive message "This version is already installed"
  • Visual Studio says there is an update but every time you try to install it, the 
  • Visual Studio won't update to v5.5 as it says it's already installed, when, in fact, the v5.4 is installed
  • Your (valid) license won't activate in VS2017


This is due to introducing the VSIX installer while the older version was still MSI-based. Being totally different technology, the VSIX installer is not able to remove the older MSI deployed version.


The solution is to uninstall the older version through Control Panel -> Programs and Features and after that, you will be able to install the VSIX version from a file or Marketplace.

Future updates

Once you have the VSIX version installed, the future updates won't be a problem for they will leverage the same VSIX update mechanism built into the Visual Studio.

Additional Information