How to modify template for T4 based rules

Applies to the following rules
  • Source file should have a header [GE00011] (General/Source File -> Should have a header)
  • Externally visible types and members should have XML comments [GE00005] (General/Type, Member -> Should have XML comments )
Some of CodeIt.Right rules are based on a T4 template and to customize them you don't need to extend the rule. Instead, you can edit the simple T4 template.

Modify the template 

To modify the template, you need to 
  1. Open Profile Editor, select the profile you want to modify the rule - make sure the profile is not
  2. Select the rule to be modified by either searching for the rule using the Show Rules filter or scrolling to the rule it in the tree
  3. Click Edit in the rule's Properties tab
  4. Click on the 
  5. Edit the template, save it and save the profile

Additional Information