Using GhostDoc Template Libraries

Applies to
  • GhostDoc Pro and GhostDoc Enterprise

The T4 templates provide maximum flexibility in how you can tweak and modify your generated XML Comments.

The Template Libraries enable sharing customized XML Comment templates with your team or the community.

You can Export the whole set of your custom templates and distribute it as one file to import them into another instance of GhostDoc. Template Library includes meta-data – the library author, company name and contact information. To access the feature, use Options -> Rules -> Save. 

1. Save the Library

To save your library, use the Options -> Rules -> Save dialog.

While the Author, Company, and Email fields are optional, they attribute the authorship of the library, and we recommend to fill them out.

The Library Name value will replace the {LibraryName} in the output path unless the macro is modified or removed.

2. Load the Library

To load the Template Library on the target computer, use the Load button and select all or some of the templates to import. 

3. Custom Libraries and Sharing

Template Library enables us to provide you with custom XML Comment templates in addition to the default shipped with GhostDoc.  If you have specific comment formats you want us to release, send in your requests.

We also want to encourage sharing your templates with the community. Contact us if you have template library you was us to publish.