Commercial License and Subscription explained

Commercial License

The license keys are perpetual for the major version of the product the license is issued (v2022 currently). 

Software Assurance Subscription

Subscription is an annual upgrade protection fee that provides free new major version upgrades. Subscription is the only way to get the upgrades at this point. 

Without the subscription, a customer must purchase a new license for the latest major version. Please see Software Assurance and Support - Renewal / Reinstatement for details.

New major version licenses

Each new major version requires a new license code. The licenses are automatically issued to the accounts when the latest version is released as long as the account's upgrade protection is current. 

Use MyAccount page if you need to find the new version license key, lost your license key information, or want to verify the upgrade protection expiration date.

If you placed original order without the upgrade protection or the subscription expired, purchasing new licenses is the way to use the latest version of the product.

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