What's New in CodeIt.Right v2022.x

If are you are a licensed user with a current subscription, you can retrieve your permanent v2022 license code using the MyAccount page.

What's new in v2022.x

  • Support for VS2022
  • x64 version of CodeIt.Right for VS2022
  • Support for C# 9 syntax
  • Improved Check-in policy integration
  • Improved Team Features in Analysis Module (Enterprise Edition)
Detailed changes by build:
  • Build 2022.1.21340 (Dec 6, 2021) - v2022 Release

    Support for Visual Studio 2022 and x64 environment

    • Added: Support for Visual Studio 2022
    • Added: x64 version of CodeIt.Right for VS2022
  • Build 2021.1.21070 (Mar 11, 2021) - v2021 Release

    C# 9.0 syntax and team feature improvements

    • Added: Support for C# 9.0 syntax
    • Added: Added Team Features Options in Analysis Module (Enterprise Edition)
    • Improved: Check-in policy integration in VS2019
    • Resolved: Violation tooltips are now available when debugging
    • Resolved: Improved profile/dictionary/rule update in Analysis Module
    • Resolved: Removed the now obsolete rule "Do not declare read-only mutable reference types"
    • Resolved: Fixed parsing of the async local function declarations
    • Resolved: Fixed parsing of null-forgiving operators
    • Resolved: Fixed false positive catching exceptions with the when clause
    • Resolved: Issue with VB interpolated string format syntax