License-Problem after update to v19.1.19100
Problem reported by Christian Kempe - 5/22/2019 at 5:59 AM
After the update from version v2018.2.19060 to v2019.1.19100 and the subsequently new registration via cmd (administrator mode)
SubMain.GhostDoc.Registration.exe /user:"ABC" /license:"XYZ"
the following error is shown:
SubMain.GhostDoc.Registration v19.1.19100
Copyright (c) 2002-2019 SubMain

* Evaluation period has expired or the license is not valid.
The license key is correct. What remains to be done?

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Serge B. Replied
Employee Post
Hi Christian,

We have fixed issue with the license registration cmd line tool and the update is included into the build 19150 that is coming next week.

If you need the fix sooner, please email us support at submain dot com and we will provide you with an interim build.

Serge Baranovsky
SubMain Software
(800) 936-2134

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